> Life of a Tree

The Tree 1
The Tree 2
Vine 1
Vine 2
Crown of Thorns 4
Crown of Thorns 2
Crown of Thorns 1
Crown of Thorns 3
christmas 4 (Tom)
christmas 8 (Tom)
christmas 7 (Tom)
christmas 6 (tom)
christmas 5 (Tom)
christmas 3
christmas 2
christmas 1
Waves and names
Family Tree 1
Names, names, names
Family Tree 2
The Justice Tree 2 (thanks Derek)
The Justice Tree 1 (thanks Derek)
Palm Sunday (Thanks Derek)
The crosses (Thanks Tom)
Crosses (Thanks Tom)
Monday of Holy Week (Thanks Tom)
Holy Week
Easter Day
Easter Tree
Burning Bush
And then it was gone